Thursday, 1 March 2012

Why Seductive Phrases are important for a healthy relation?

            “D.R.E.A.M: Do Real Efforts and Make them true”

The Johan Campbell’s phrase, “Everyone wants to win, but so few are prepared to do what it takes”, can be rephrased as, “Everyone wants to win a woman, but so few are prepared to do what it takes”.
The flight of fantasies has no specific landing runway and no specific destination, once in the air, is in the air, until it met with horizon. We all men fantasise about picking the most beautiful girl living next door, but somehow we all feel scared to utter those seductive phrases, that are important to bring a girl down the knees.
Using some seductive phrases like,
  • Opening quotes: if you want to lure a women, rote some pick up lines, especially the opener ones. If you miss the opening line before bonking, you are actually risking the deal and spoiling the meal.
  • Can you help me here please I am done: This one phrase is tested and guaranteed. Try to use this line once; it will let the girl know that you really count on her judgements. Try to confess your wrong judgement for once and hit the emotional corner of your girl.
Indisputably, these relationships are the funniest thing a human can ever experience. These so called social or soul bonding are the biggest dilemmas, hard to understand. Your partner might be throwing impressions that everything is going fine; however, from inside she might be curling up like a flower bouquet. In our routine efforts that we all put to run with time, we are leaving some important things far behind and finally we ends up at a screaming situation.

The results of surveys conducted by many medical science experts and physiatrists confirm that women are more talkative then men and they love to talk. According t the results of surveys, a woman mumbles approximately 7000 words a day and a man mutters only 2000 words. This is the factor behind the widened gap and only some verbal talks laced in seductive phrases can turn split milk into useful cheese.

Girls love to be catered with love and affection and while using some seductive phrases one can easily melt hearts and blows the wind in preferred direction. To learn more about seduction methods and techniques to lure women, try